Retro Game Story: Unstoppable Video Game Champions

When you feel guilty because you have lost the whole day behind a video game, don’t get depression and think about Carrie Swidecki, Just Dance champion.

Carrie Swidecki, campionessa mondiale di Just Dance su

Carrie entered in the arcade room on July 11, 2015 and came out only on the 17th, after having danced uninterruptedly at Just Dance for 138 hours and 34 seconds.

Unlike Carrie, after just three minutes of this game (including loading times) I already have heart failure symptoms… anyway…

Jeorge Leutz, campione mondiale di Q*Bert su

Jeorge Leutz, on the other hand, lasted at Q * Bert with a single coin, 84 hours and 48 minutes. Towards the middle of the play he began to have strange visions, including Q * Bert himself who was whispering strange things across the screen. Leutz had previously tried to break the record at Q * Bert, but in the middle of the marathon the arcade clerk stumbled by mistake into the cabinet cable, turning off the game. In the second attempt Jeorge asked that the employee in the arcade be sight checked by his trusted collaborator, armed with a katana.