Retro Game Story: The Game & Watch… Who Came In from the Cold

Retro-Game Nintendo Game & Watch Donkey Kong Jr. la storia dei cloni Russi su

In the early 1980s, the “Game & Watch” series of LCD pocket games from Nintendo raged in the windows of toy stores, shining with the tears of sad children who could not afford them. Naturally, the companies that smelled the bargain and boarded the bandwagon were endless, producing alternative toys often offered at more affordable prices than the originals. And Mother Russia? Well, he didn’t stay idly by, producing, since 1984, the fantastic “Elektronika” (which was the name of the manufacturer): photocopy clones of the most famous Nintendo Game & Watch, designed however specifically for the cold market of East.

Elektronica i Cloni Russi dei Game & Watch di Nintendo la storia su

At the modest sum of 25 rubles, the children could take home games of all respect, like that of Nu Pogodi! And who the hell was Nu Pogodi? Apparently it was a rather famous cartoon from those parts starring a wolf with depressive problems. In fact the games were not mere copies of the originals, often they were also modified in the graphics, replacing the too capitalist characters with others more pleasing to the Soviet children. So no Mickey Mouse. Dasvidanya Disney.

Nu Pogodi Elektronica i Cloni Russi dei Game & Watch di Nintendo la storia su