Retro Game Story: Akalabeth, The First Lord British RPG

Richard Garriott, Lord British, Ultima. Storia del Retrogaming su

In 1980 Richard Garriott, the future Lord British and father of the famous Ultima series, worked as a summer salesman in a computer store in Houston, “Computerland”. Between one client and another, he was able to complete a small role-playing game on a computer and the store owner, intrigued, suggested that he make a few copies to put on the shelves. Thus was born Akalabeth, his first computer RPG.

La Storia di Akalabeth il primo RPG di RIchard Garriott Lord British retro gaming su

The design on the cover was the work of his mother, while the dad financed the packaging, consisting of the phisical game and the handwritten instructions, all in an elegant transparent food bag. Twenty copies were made and Garriott managed to sell 12.

What Garriott never expected was that, following his success with Ultima’s fantasy world, those 8 remaining copies, called “unnumbered”, have now become a rare collector’s item, especially if signed by Lord British himself!