Retro Game Designers: Will Wright

Will Wright l'inventore di Sim City e Shijeru Miyamoto su

1990s. Who’s that shady and badly dressed individual who seems to have ended up on stage by chance near Shigeru Miyamoto? It’s Will Wright, the creator of Sim-City and the father of the whole world of computer simulation on the computer to come.

Always fascinated by the mathematical theories associated with urban development (very boring books full of formulas), in the 80’s he decided to turn them into a “visual” software on the Commodore 64.

Sim City per Commodore 64, su

The idea was simple: to create a virtual island, and through a series of parameters controlling urban development. Roads, cars, power lines.

Sim City per Commodore 64, su

What today seems trivial (now the Sims are also on smartphones) for the time was the madness of a madman. In the 80s video games had to be action. Missiles. Aliens to be killed. Phew! Phew! Plumbers who save young ladies from big angry monkeys and stuff like that. So poor Will was kindly escorted to the door every time he looked for a software house to finance his project. Only in 1989, with his own money, Will Wright will be able to publish Sim City for PC and Mac, founding the Maxis software house and creating the “Sims” empire we all know today.

Will Wright, l'inventore di Sim City su