Retro Game Designers: Mel Croucher

Here is the cover of “Can of Worms”, one of the first “adult” games published on Zx 81 in 1982 and the subject of angry criticism by British newspapers of the time. Among the hilarious mini-games we mention Acne, where it was necessary to squeeze pimples, Vasectomy where a precise surgical incision had to be made on the first penis never designed on a computer and Hitler, where we were busy placing a fart cushion on the chair of the sympathetic dictator, to make him have a heart attack.

Can of Worms Zx81 Automata Uk su Mel Croucher

The author of this wonder is Mel Croucher, founder of the first English software house ever, Automata UK, born in the back of a shop that sold tourist guides. Behind the figure of Croucher there is a complex character, who between an intellectual game like “Can of Worms” and a thick textual adventure called “My Name is Uncle Groucho, You win at Fat Cygar” has also programmed Deus Ex Machina on Zx Spectrum, a minimal – futuristic -cyberpunk masterpiece that still today is considered an underground cult.

Mel Croucher Pi Man Groucho Automata Uk su