Retro Game Classics: Epyx Impossible Mission

“Another visitor. Stay awhile … staaaaay FOREVER!” … in 1984 hearing this creepy voice coming out of the Commodore 64 was something incredible. It was that of Professor Atombender in the game Impossible Mission, an Epyx classic born on 64 and then converted to any existing platform, including toasters.

This platform game, as well as for the synthesized voices (provided by the same company that will then realize what is heard in the intro of Ghostbusters, always on Commodore) is also remembered for the ultra-detailed animations of the secret agent protagonist, who in addition to running could do acrobatic somersaults. The game was entirely programmed in Assembly by Dennis Caswell, in a time arc of over 10 months. In 2008, System 3 (!) Bought the rights to the game, producing a remake even for modern machines like the PSP and Nintendo DS, keeping the gameplay intact, which after 30 years, still works great.