Arcade Retro Games: Taito Jungle King

In the summer of 1982, survivors from mid-August burning thirst would probably have found a new game in their favorite arcade: Jungle King. Produced by Taito, it was one of the first games to use parallax and the first ever arcade to get a court case from relatives of the famous Tarzan book writer.

For this reason, in the final version of the arcade game, the handsome and long haired athletic son of the apes hero will be replaced with a middle-aged brave explorer, dressed from head to toe. The name was also changed in a more generic “Jungle Hunt”.

…But the story does not end here. Later Taito, who probably hadn’t had enough of character changing and lawsuits yet, will produce another version of the game entitled Pirate Pete starring … a pirate! Stop Taito, Please!

The game, following its success, will then be converted by Atari in the mid-80s for the main systems of the time: Atari 2600, Colecovision, Commodore 64 and Vic 20, of course always in the “explorer” version.